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Quickly has been established in the Bubble Tea Business for more than 20 years with over 2000 locations worldwide in over 42 countries. With persistence and passion for the beverage industry, Quickly has — and continues to be — successfully popularized around the globe.

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Why Quickly Bubble Tea

Innovative Business Opportunity

Our Franchises are situated on high-traffic streets, strip malls and shopping centers. With the average size of 1000 sqft stores may vary from 750sq. ft. to 1300 sq. ft+.

As of 2019, the bubble tea market is valued at $2.4 billion and is estimated to reach $4.3 billion by 2027 – registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% from 2020 to 2027. In 2019, the black tea segment accounted for more than half of the share in the total bubble tea market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% throughout the forecast period. By region, North America was the most prominent regional market in 2019 and will continue to increase.

Quickly Bubble Tea has various snacks and food options such as hot dogs, bubble waffles, and its signature popcorn chicken to help increase sales and average purchase per customer.

Our business model is built on low investment, turn key construction options,  low overhead, simple training, and easy-to-access resources for our franchisees. We want to make sure we remove all barriers to your success. Our franchisees are direct representatives of our brand, and that’s where we want to focus. To find out if this is the right business for you, we encourage you fill out our application form today.

Our efficient operation model typically needs no more than 2-3 employees on any given shift.

Low cost allows for flexible and competitive product price points, higher profit margins and a faster return on investment. 

Quickly Bubble Tea has partnered with award-winning marketing agencies to provide superior expert marketing support.

Why Quickly Bubble Tea

There are a few critical steps involved in becoming a franchise partner. In order to determine if this is the right opportunity, consider the following:


  • Do you love bubble tea?
  • Do you support the brand? Is the product something you can proudly represent?
  • What is your background? Have you ever run a business before?
  • What has your role been in other businesses you have run or worked at?
  • Are you good with people or do you have someone on your team that is?
  • Are you willing to invest your money into your own business?
  • Do you have retail or hospitality experience?

If all of these questions lead you further into the process of owning your own Quickly Bubble Tea, then it’s time to learn more about our process.



Depending on the size of your location, the average cost ranges between $203,000 to $350,000.

Minimum of $100,000 in cash or liquid assets. Quickly Bubble Tea has partnerships with banking partners to secure lending for start up costs. 

At Quickly Bubble Tea our franchise fee is $40,000

At Quickly Bubble Tea our royalty fees consist of 7% of gross revenue which is calculated on a weekly basis.

At Quickly Bubble Tea, our marketing fees consist of 3% of gross revenue.

Absolutely there are many training options, such as training at our head offices locations in Edmonton and or training in-store at your location.  We will also be giving you access to marketing training and customer service training thru your own online portal.* 

*Coming soon 

Yes territories or regions are available, please speak to our team to learn more.

Quickly Bubble Tea can assist such as referring you to our network of leasing brokers, however the identification of location is franchisee's responsibility. Typically franchisees already have an area or location in mind, so we found this process to be most effective. The final approval of a location remains with Quickly Bubble Tea head office and management.

In general, it takes anywhere between 4-9 months from the time of signing the franchise agreement to opening the doors for the first time.


Without Kitchen
800–1300 SqFt
Franchise Fee $40,000
Design + Drawing $8,000~$10,000
Construction $80,000~$120,000
Inventory $6,000
Kitchen Equipment $25,000~$40,000
Furniture $4,000~$6,000
Point of Sale System $3,500
Start-Up Operating Capital $20,000
Marketing $5,000
Staff Training + Management Training $5,000
MISC (store supplies, open sign etc.) $2,000~$3,000
Total $203,500~$263,500

Medium to Large

With Kitchen
1000–1300 SqFt
Franchise Fee $40,000
Design + Drawing $8,000~$10,000
Construction $130,000~$150,000
Inventory $10,000
Kitchen Equipment $60,000~$80,000
Furniture $6,000~$8,000
Point of Sale System $3,500
Start-Up Operating Capital $30,000
Marketing $5,000
Staff Training + Management Training $5,000
MISC (store supplies, open sign etc.) $2,000~$3,000
Total $304,500~$349,500


Thank you for your interest with Quickly Canada. To get started and to learn more we invite you to request an application form below. One of our dedicated team members will shortly be in contact with you to guide you through the process of owning your very own Quickly store.